RV Boat and Vehicle Storage

Welcome to Fountainbleau Self Storage, where we provide a comprehensive range of storage solutions tailored to the unique needs of the vibrant New Orleans community. Understanding the challenges of finding secure and accessible storage for larger vehicles, we are proud to offer specialized storage options for RVs, boats, and vehicles. Our facility is designed to accommodate your prized possessions, providing peace of mind whether you’re a seasoned RVer, a boating enthusiast, or in need of extra space for your vehicle. We recognize that these items are not just modes of transport but investments that require the utmost care and protection.

At Fountainbleau Self Storage, our commitment goes beyond just offering space; we provide a secure haven for your RVs, boats, and vehicles. Situated in a location that’s easily accessible yet secure, our storage solutions are ideal for both short-term and long-term needs. Whether you are looking for seasonal storage for your boat, a secure spot for your RV during the off-season, or a safe area to park your extra vehicle, our facility caters to all these requirements with ease. In the next sections, we will delve into the benefits of using our specialized storage services, provide essential tips for preparing your vehicles for storage, and highlight how our facility can meet and exceed your storage expectations.

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Table of Contents

I. Benefits of RV Boat and Vehicle Storage

II. Tips for Prepping Your Vehicle for Storage

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Benefits of Using RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage

Enhanced Security for Your Valuables: One of the primary benefits of using RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage at Fountainbleau Self Storage is the enhanced security it offers. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems, gated access, and well-lit areas, providing a secure environment for your valuable vehicles. This level of security ensures that your RVs, boats, and vehicles are protected against potential theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, giving you peace of mind when storing your prized possessions.

Space Efficiency at Home: Utilizing our storage facility for your RVs, boats, and larger vehicles helps free up significant space at your home. Many homeowners face challenges with neighborhood parking regulations or simply lack the necessary space to accommodate these large vehicles. By choosing to store them at Fountainbleau Self Storage, you can enjoy a more spacious and organized home environment, without the worry of finding adequate parking space.

Protection from Weather and Environmental Damage: Storing your RV, boat, or vehicle at our facility also means protecting it from the harsh environmental elements of New Orleans. Extended exposure to extreme weather conditions, such as intense heat, heavy rain, or potential flooding, can cause considerable wear and tear to vehicles. Our storage solutions offer a shield from these elements, helping to maintain your vehicle’s condition and prolong its lifespan.

Convenient Access for Usage: Our facility offers convenient access to your stored vehicles, making it easy to retrieve and return them as needed. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway with your RV, a boating excursion, or need to use your spare vehicle, you’ll find accessing them hassle-free. This convenience is particularly beneficial for those who use their vehicles seasonally or occasionally, ensuring they are readily available when you need them.


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Tips for Prepping Your RV, Boat, or Vehicle for Storage

Thorough Cleaning and Inspection: Before storing your RV, boat, or vehicle, it’s essential to give it a thorough cleaning both inside and out. Remove any perishables and personal items, and ensure it’s free from dirt and debris that could cause damage over time. Inspect for any existing damages or areas that might need repairs, as small issues can escalate if left unattended during storage.

Proper Maintenance and Fluid Checks: Perform routine maintenance checks before storage. This includes changing the oil, topping off all fluids, and ensuring the battery is fully charged. For boats and RVs, it’s also important to drain any water tanks and plumbing systems to prevent freezing or growth of bacteria.

Tire Care: Ensure that the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure to prevent flat spots during storage. For long-term storage, consider using tire covers or placing the vehicle on jacks to alleviate pressure and prevent tire degradation.

Cover and Protect: Use a quality cover that’s designed for your RV, boat, or vehicle. Covers protect against dust, moisture, and UV damage, especially important if the storage is outdoors. For boats, secure all hatches and cover any openings to prevent wildlife or insects from entering.

Battery Maintenance: For extended storage periods, disconnect the battery to prevent it from draining. Store the battery in a cool, dry place and consider using a battery maintainer to keep it charged.

Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation in your RV or boat to prevent mold and mildew growth. Leave vents open in a roof vent cover to allow air circulation while keeping out insects and moisture.

Fuel and Lubrication: Fill up the fuel tank and add a fuel stabilizer to prevent condensation. Lubricate moving parts to protect them from rust and corrosion.

Secure Vehicle Storage Solutions

In conclusion, Fountainbleau Self Storage in New Orleans, LA, offers reliable and secure storage options for your RV, boat, and vehicle needs. Our commitment to providing top-notch storage solutions is evident in the range of benefits our facility offers. From enhanced security measures that give you peace of mind to the convenience of spacious storage that keeps your vehicles in pristine condition, we ensure that your valuable investments are well taken care of. Our facility’s protection from environmental elements, coupled with easy access, makes it the ideal choice for both long-term and seasonal storage of your recreational and personal vehicles.

We understand the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and storage, and at Fountainbleau Self Storage, we strive to make the storage process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you’re looking for a secure spot for your RV during the off-season, a safe haven for your boat when it’s not in the water, or a reliable place to store an extra vehicle, our facility is equipped to meet all your storage needs. We invite you to take advantage of our specialized storage solutions and the valuable tips provided for prepping your vehicles for storage. For more information or to reserve a storage space, please feel free to contact us. Let Fountainbleau Self Storage be your trusted partner in safeguarding your recreational and personal vehicles.


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