A Closer Look at What Makes Fountainbleau Self Storage Stand Out in New Orleans

Entrusting your cherished belongings to a storage facility is an important decision, and at Fountainbleau Self Storage, we take that responsibility seriously. Situated conveniently near Xavier University of Louisiana, our facility boasts over 140,000 square feet of versatile rentable space designed to accommodate a wide range of storage needs. Whether you’re decluttering, moving, or simply in need of extra space, our on-site team of storage specialists is dedicated to guiding you through selecting the perfect unit and features to suit your specific requirements. From temperature-controlled units to enhance the preservation of sensitive items, to sturdy security measures ensuring your possessions’ safety, Fountainbleau Self Storage offers a comprehensive suite of amenities tailored for optimal organization and peace of mind. Explore our storage features and discover how we can assist you in finding the ideal storage solution right here in New Orleans, LA!

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Table of Contents

I. Music Rehearsal Studio Rentals

II. Indoor & Temperature-Controlled Storage

III. Drive-Up Storage

IV. Vehicle Storage 

V. Security Features

Fountainbleau Self Storage: Top Features for New Orleans Residents & Businesses


Music studio space at Fountainbleau Self Storage in New Orleans, LAMusic Rehearsal Studio Rentals

Are you a musician looking to expand your playing space? If you are ready to take your music to the next level, rent a music rehearsal studio rental in Mid-City New Orleans, LA. Fountainbleau Self Storage offers an exceptional opportunity for musicians and podcast hosts in New Orleans to engage in a vibrant, musically diverse community. With easy access from Route 61 and I-10, you can rent your rehearsal space conveniently close to you.

Artists can practice, perform, and record in a lively environment that mirrors the rich cultural tapestry of New Orleans itself. These studios not only provide a customizable, soundproof space perfect for achieving professional sound quality in recordings and podcasts, but they also ensure the safety of expensive equipment through extensive security measures. The facility boasts a fully fenced perimeter, personalized keypad access, extensive camera surveillance, and on-site security during nighttime hours.

Additional features include on-floor restrooms, equipment storage options, and a community board for advertising shows—all housed within a historical building, adding to the creative ambiance of your workspace. With an online reservation process, Fountainbleau Self Storage on Tulane Avenue is the go-to for secure, versatile music studio rentals near the French Quarter.


image of indoor storage unitIndoor & Temperature-Controlled Storage

Indoor storage gives your belongings an extra layer of security from potential damage that can come from the weather. Since they open into an interior hallway, as opposed to the outdoors, they are not confronted with weather complications, and pose less of a risk of developing environmental damage.

Temperature control takes indoor storage a step further to regulate the temperature of your storage unit to stay in a certain range, so it does not fluctuate, get too low, or get too high. Keeping a consistent environment protects against mold, mildew, rust, and any misshaping. If you plan to store items for a long period of time or you are stashing away valuables, the added amenities that these indoor storage units offer will bring you considerable peace of mind—know that your belongings will stay secure, in excellent condition for your return. Rent temperature-controlled storage when you need to store items like wooden or metal furniture, antiques, media, electronics, and any other objects easily damaged by extreme temperatures and excess moisture. 


image of Drive-Up Storage UnitsDrive-Up Storage

Need to accommodate a large load? When you are clearing out clutter, storing business materials, or keeping valuable possessions secure, you can rely on our drive-up units to handle your varied storage demands effortlessly.

The standout feature of our drive-up storage units is the ability to drive your vehicle directly to the door of your unit, making loading and unloading a breeze. This direct access is invaluable for those dealing with bulky or heavy items, dramatically cutting down the time and physical effort needed to move belongings. Don’t strain yourself dragging your bigger belongings through an indoor facility when you can keep the process simple. Suited for both personal and business storage needs, these units offer the practicality and flexibility necessary for efficient storage management.


RV Storage in a Parking Lot

Boat & RV Storage

At Fountainbleau Self Storage, we understand the importance of finding secure and easily accessible storage solutions for your larger vehicles in the bustling heart of New Orleans. We’re delighted to offer specialized storage options tailored for RVs, boats, and other vehicles, designed to accommodate your largest investments. Whether you’re a dedicated RVer, a passionate boating enthusiast, or simply require additional space for your vehicle, our facility is well-equipped to meet your needs.

Our storage services extend beyond mere space; they offer a secure environment for your vehicles with state-of-the-art surveillance, gated access, and ample lighting. This enhanced security means your RVs, boats, and vehicles are well-protected against theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Renting storage space for your vehicle can help you free up valuable space at home, circumvent neighborhood parking constraints, and create a more organized living space. With convenient access to your stored vehicles, planning your next adventure or accessing your vehicle for seasonal use becomes effortlessly easy. Let Fountainbleau Self Storage in New Orleans be your trusted partner in vehicle storage during any time of year.

If you are a local business that has a fleet of company vehicles, contact Fountainbleau Self Storage to learn about vehicle storage options near you.


Security Features

  • 24-Hour Recording Cameras
  • Gated Self Storage Facility
  • Keypad Gate Access
  • On-Site Manager
  • Pest Protection
  • Keypad Gate Access
  • Tenant Protection Plans Available for Belongings
  • Well-Lit Premises

Rent Online Today with Fountainbleau Self Storage in New Orleans, LA

Ready to start renting your own storage space? Fountainbleau Self Storage on Tulane Avenue has storage units available now, so you can start your organization project immediately. Our storage units are available through our online storage rentals, or you can call our office to lock down your rental over the phone. We want to make finding and renting storage to be as easy for you as possible! You can also reserve your storage unit up to two weeks in advance to make sure your storage unit is ready for you when you need it. Plan ahead for an upcoming move or renovation, so when the day comes, all you need to worry about is moving your items into storage. Let self storage help you regain control of your belongings!

Interested in our music rehearsal studios? Call our office to finalize details with our staff, so you can start practicing here soon! Rent with Fountainbleau Self Storage in Mid-City, New Orleans, and fuel your passion!

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